Delivery Services

Delivery Information

Getting your goods and services to you promptly is of importance to us. That's why we entrust our deliveries to carefully selected service providers. If you miss a delivery or a service, you will receive an email letting you know how to arrange another delivery or time slot. The cost of delivery is included in the price unless otherwise stated, and depends upon your location or how quickly you've requested delivery if this is outside of the standard option. In such cases, you can find out everything you need to know about our delivery services and optional charges from the business services team. If your order is taking longer than expected or you want to find out when it will arrive, you can check its progress using our live chat.

Returns & Replacements

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the product or service you have received, the specific terms for returns and replacements are dependent upon the terms and conditions of your supplier, which can be found on your order confirmation email.

Suggested content: Clarification on whether this information is available only in the order confirmation email or if this will also be visible under order information on Chameleon.

Zero Emission Deliveries

Nearly 10,000 air pollution related deaths occur across London every single year. Anglo brings you the chance to make a real difference. With our pioneering electric vehicle fleet, businesses in Central London can benefit from quick and cost-effective zero emission deliveries. Operating with a fleet of over 100 electric zero emission vehicles, our delivery solution is exceptional in its sustainability credentials. Delivering upwards of 1,500,000 items each year, the fleet saves about 146 tonnes of carbon annually.

Why Choose Zero Emission?

Climate Changes:

Less greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere means positively impacting climate change and reducing the devastating consequences for the planet and people around the world.

Air Pollution:

With London continuing to breach safe air pollution levels, less emissions will help prevent respiratory illness and help create a cleaner city.


Our multi-drop last mile logistics solution consolidates deliveries, meaning less vehicles and less congestion on busy roads.


The only sound you can hear from an electric vehicle is the hum of the tyres on the road. The noise level from a petrol vehicle can reach 80 decibels. For businesses based outside of Central London, our zero emission deliveries are not currently available, though there are plans to roll this out to additional cities in the future. No matter where you’re based, you can still support Anglo’s many other environmental initiatives: click here to find out more.