Customer Service


Once you place your order, we will send you a confirmation email. A member of our Customer Service Team will then check your order and the delivery information to make sure that everything's correct. From this point, your goods or services will be picked and packed or arranged and sent out from our warehouse or service provider. Your account will then be charged and your order for goods or services will be sent out. You'll receive a confirmation of dispatch email that contains your order reference number. If you're expecting a few deliveries from us, you'll get separate emails for each order. Please note that you'll only get an order reference number if you've registered with us and used the standard checkout process.

Returns & Replacements

Returns and replacements only apply to products supplied through Anglo, and not to our Managed Service Providers. Please refer to the returns information on your order confirmation, or contact your Anglo representative with any specific returns requests.

Privacy & Security

Please see our site privacy statement for more information on how we deal with data and security.

Viewing Orders

You can view your existing orders on the ‘My Orders’ tab, located under ‘My Account’. Click here to view your orders. You can then click on a specific order to view its details.

Updating Account Information

You can update your account information on the ‘Account Information’ tab, located under ‘My Account’. Here, you can update your name, email address and password. Click here to update your account information. Other information, such as your payment details or billing and shipping addresses, can also be updated on the relevant tabs under ‘My Account’.